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Getting Started and FAQs

Here's everything you need to know about your search for an International Educational Experience, from steps to get started to answers to your most common questions.

Getting Started

Here's how to get started!

  1. Ask yourself some questions:
    • Where might you want to go?
    • What goals or objectives do you have for the IEE?
    • Does a language barrier make a difference to you?
  2. Review current Program Locations or Summer IEE Page. For an idea of what your experience might be like, or to help determine what experiences might interest you, explore PowerPoint presentations from students who have returned from international experiences or from students' summer experiences.
  3. Contact OIP at to schedule an advising session.
  4. After your advising session, OIP will help you with the next steps.

*Location preferences are submitted AFTER the advising session with OIP.*

These are answers to some questions frequently asked by students.

Who can participate in an IEE?

Any enrolled KUMC student on any campus may participate in an IEE. 

When can I participate in an IEE?

This depends on your school and academic program. See the main IEE page for details.

Am I able to receive academic credit for participating in an IEE?

Yes, It is possible to receive academic credit for participating in an IEE. Please speak with your academic advisor regarding credit.

I am a medical student and want a specific specialty for my IEE. Is that possible?

While we can request a specialty we cannot guarantee it will be available. The focus of the international elective is on the cultural experience rather than the specialty.

How much does an IEE cost?

This depends on the location and duration of the IEE, but it ranges from $2,000-$10,000.

How do students pay for IEEs?

IEEs are paid out-of-pocket. Generally, there is not an additional tuition charge. Students should speak with their advisor regarding their plans for an IEE to find out if there could be any additional tuition charges.

Is there funding available?

Please visit the Financial Awards for IEEs page for information.

Do I have to know another language to participate in an IEE?

Students do not need to know another language to participate in the IEE unless they are going to a Spanish-speaking country.

How is housing found?

Housing varies by location. OIP will provide you with the housing information provided by our partners and can give assistance as needed.

Academic and Student Affairs

University of Kansas Medical Center
Office of International Programs
1017, 1018 & 1019 Dykes
Academic Affairs
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