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Medical Education and Mission Award (MEMA)

WE'RE ON A MISSION: A young woman resident physician stands on a rural road

We're seeking health care/behavioral health/medical students, resident physicians, and fellows with a spirit of service and a plan to help vulnerable populations in the United States. Project/Initiative must be completed outside of your regular curriculum.

Medical Education and Mission Award (MEMA)

Rural Health Education and Services (RHES) desires to foster and recognize the heart of service in our health care students and professionals.

RHES has introduced a new award-the Medical Education and Mission Award (MEMA) for domestic health care projects/initiatives that serve vulnerable populations.

Examples could include working or providing health care-related education or resources to vulnerable populations such as children, refugees, national minorities, indigenous peoples, migrant workers, disabled persons, elderly persons, etc. Award requests can be made in any amount up to $500.

Priority is given to students, resident physicians, and fellows who have a desire to pursue a practice in a rural or urban underserved area upon completion of their training.

About Rural Health Education and Services, Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center:

Services are designed to assist health care providers throughout the job search process and provide assistance in finding the right practice opportunity. The KRRC partners with hospitals, private physician practices, and community and behavioral health centers across Kansas that are looking to fill current and future positions for physicians, dentists, pharmacists, physician assistants, APRNs, nurses, dental hygienists, allied health providers, and behavioral health providers. The KRRC is connected with Kansas health care organizations that offer medical mission incentives, such as time off to do a medical mission or temporary career placement while you are back in the states if primarily serving abroad.

For more information email or call 316-293-2649.

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