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Award Criteria and Selection Process

What programs are appropriate for nomination?

Nominations will be accepted for an individual's or a group's efforts, initiatives or programs that promote diversity and inclusion values at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

KU Medical Center Diversity Core Value Statement:

The University of Kansas Medical Center is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment that nurtures the growth and development of our learners, faculty, staff and patients.

KU Medical Center defines diversity as a state of being in which the variety of cultures, experiences, expertise and viewpoints are valued and incorporated into the fabric of our community. Diversity encompasses age, education level, ethnicity and race, gender expression and identity, nationality, national origin, physical and mental ability, political and religious perspectives, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, veteran status and other human differences.

By embracing diversity, our University will attract and retain skilled and talented employees and learners dedicated to excellence in education, research, patient care, community and global initiatives. A diverse and inclusive community that fosters mutual respect requires the engagement of the University at all levels.

Who may be nominated?

Two awards will be issued; one to an individual and one to a group.

  • INDIVIDUALS: KU Medical Center-employed faculty, staff or enrolled learners, residents who have advanced diversity and inclusion at the medical center
  • GROUPS: Any KU Medical Center department, unit, team or registered organization, which has advanced diversity and inclusion at the medical center

What are the conditions of the award?

  • NOMINATION: All nominees will be notified by the selection committee upon receipt of the nomination packet. A current CV or resume will be requested of the nominee.
  • AWARD: Recipients will receive a plaque with their name engraved, which recipients may keep. Another plaque honoring award winners will be located with the diversity award, ExcelsiorExcelsior and the plaque shall be displayed in a public location of the EVC's choosing.
  • STIPEND: Recipients shall receive a $1,000 monetary award to be announced at the award ceremony and keynote address.

How are selections made?

To be considered for the EVC Diversity & Inclusion Award the individual/group must show strong evidence of engagement in projects that:

  • Significantly promote diversity, inclusion and cultural competency development among KU Medical Center-employed faculty, staff, residents or enrolled learners and/or within communities KU Medical Center serves, including Wichita and Salina;
  • Address key areas of diversity and inclusion such as recruitment, retention, campus/department climate, research, clinical practice or community outreach;
  • Lead initiatives in capturing outcomes of increased awareness, understanding or promoting diversity at KU Medical Center;
  • Implement steps toward fostering diversity in the workplace with programs that maximize the potential of all people;
  • Creating partnerships between managers and employees to resolve diversity workplace issues;
  • Promoting diversity workplace education and communication ideas; and/or
  • Improving cultural competency through educational initiatives.

When assessing an organization's community-related projects, the reviewers look at initiatives that involve the following efforts:

  • Providing support to community-based diversity programs designed to improve people's cultural awareness and sensitivity;
  • Taking a proactive role in local diversity and minority issues by, for example, building relationships with diversity community advisory councils or educating citizens on matters of diversity disparities;
  • Encouraging employee volunteerism in the community with regard to cultural connections;
  • Participating in community diversity outreach programs that help people to learn more about the medical center's mission towards enhancing diversity.

When is the award conferred?

The award will be conferred annually during the spring academic semester.


Please contact

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