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Appropriate Use Policy

The mission of the A.R. Dykes Library is to engage minds through the discovery and sharing of knowledge by connecting people with information anywhere, anytime.

Dykes Library's resources, including the computer workstations and networks, are provided to support the research, education, and patient care programs of KUMC. These resources are available to KUMC students, faculty, and staff in support of the university's mission. As a courtesy, we permit limited access to members of the public and non-affiliated students in accordance with the Library Access Policy.

KUMC computer equipment may not be used to support private ventures, nor to solicit or proselytize others for religious or political causes or outside organizations. In addition, these workstations may not be used to display, print, or transmit electronic information (text, images, video, or sound) that is offensive to a reasonable person and creates a potentially hostile environment for employees or visitors except as may be appropriate in the educational, research, or clinical contexts.

Computer workstations may be monitored periodically to ensure compliance with this use policy.

All computer resource use in the Library must adhere to the Appropriate Use of Information Systems Policy* and the Internet Use Policy* created by the KUMC Information Resources department. Failure to adhere to these policies as well as those listed below may result in the revocation of the individual's ability to use the facilities and resources.

  1. The use of equipment in the Library for transmission of information disparaging to others based on race, origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or political belief is not permitted under any circumstances. Likewise, Library equipment cannot be used to solicit or proselytize others for commercial ventures, religious or political causes, outside organizations, or for personal gain. Any person caught using university equipment to impede, interfere with, impair, or otherwise cause harm to the activities of others will lose all rights to use the Library.
  2. Only authorized staff may install software or hardware on university owned computers.
  3. All material downloaded or copied electronically must adhere to existing Copyright Policy*. Any person failing to adhere to existing copyright laws could lose their right to use the facilities.
  4. Excessive downloading or printing of information resources available through the library is not permitted due to Library licensing agreements. Activities such as downloading entire journal issues or e-books or using automated programs to download resources may result in the loss of individual access to library resources. Moreover, this could result in KUMC losing institutional access to these resources.
  5. To prevent accidental damage to library resources, food and drinks must be in sealed containers when outside of the designated area located in the southwest corner of the library on the main level. Users may be held liable for any damage done to Library equipment and materials.
  6. All information that students wish to save must be saved on some external storage media. The Library is not responsible for any items stored on the computer hard drives since the hard drives are erased daily.
  7. Each student is responsible for the cost of all materials submitted to the printers including materials which are printed in error.

* If you do not have KUMC credentials, you may view these policies by searching within KUMC Policy Stat.

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