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The mission of the Projects & Engineering is to provide the University of Kansas Medical Center with a top-quality renovation and construction services program that ensures work is completed in a professional, cost-effective, and customer-friendly manner.


Key Services:

  • Remodel design
  • In-house construction
  • Construction project management
  • Space management
  • Campus Signage


  • I want to remodel my space
  • I'm getting a new microscope that requires additional power and cooling
  • We need more space.
  • Can I paint my office?
  • I need a new sign for my office

Have a project or space request?

Visit our forms, information, and labor rates on the Facilities Intranet Site

Engineering and Infrastructure

Power Plant

Key Services:

  • Generate steam and chilled water
  • Distribute electricity and softened water
  • Provide backup generation of electricity

Energy Management

Key Services:

  • Manage campus utility costs
  • Energy conservation program

Utility Engineering

Key Services:

  • Engineering design for utility systems
  • Troubleshooting support for maintenance
  • Equipment and system replacement project management
  • Electrical, plumbing, and steam distribution system upkeep

Additional Information

University of Kansas Medical Center faculty, staff and students may access additional information regarding Projects & Engineering Services by logging in to the Projects & Engineering myKUMC intranet site.

Facilities Management

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