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Our Mission

To engage students, staff, faculty and patients at the University of Kansas Health System to strive for a green, clean and sustainable medical center.


  • Create a cleaner and greener campus by diverting waste from landfills and encouraging the KUMC community to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.
  • Create a financially self-sustaining recycling program
  • Streamline recycling vendors across the University of Kansas Health System.

Additional Resources

Members of the medical center campus may visit the recycling intranet site for internal forms and processes like the computer and electronic equipment disposal instructions, recycling committee information, and recycling locations map.

About Recycling at KU Medical Center

Beginning in 2016, the KUMC recycling program was rolled out to four buildings.

We are happy to say that recycling is now available in all buildings on campus! Green stations are strategically located on each floor to have easy, central access. If you are not sure where your nearest green station is or you think one needs to be added in your building, reach out to

Our recycling program is successful thanks to the participation of all members of KUMC campus. Office trash is no longer taken out by housekeeping, each office resident is responsible for their own waste. Instead, individuals can take their waste to the nearest green station to sort out recycling from trash. If you need a deskside recycling bin you can email

We appreciate your help in reducing KUMC's environmental impact and diverting our waste away from the landfill!

If you are getting rid of office furniture or supplies, you can join the KUMC Sustainability Yammer group here and post your items for others to pick up within the University.

Metal items can be recycled in the large dumpster in the Wahl pit outside Wahl Hall East. 

If you are unsure, feel free to email

A special recognition goes to our students for their efforts in paving the way for the recycling program on campus. The students worked to keep this program going from inception to the takeover by Facilities Management and continue to support this effort as we proceed. See program history.

A special thanks to the KUMC Auxiliary, which provided a $6,000 grant to help launch the beta sites and kick off this initiative.

Thank you to all the members of the recycling committee for their many hours of research and planning.

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