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Mission Statement

It is the vision of the Controller's Office to meet the financial and accounting needs of a diverse and dynamic campus community.

Integrity, courtesy, professionalism, and quality customer service are all goals of the offices that report to the Controller's Office. It is the primary mission of the University of Kansas Medical Center Controller's Office to:

  • Receive and deposit funds due the University.
  • Maintain and process the University's payroll.
  • Maintain the University's accounting and financial reporting systems.
  • Audit and ensure compliance with State guidelines for in-state, out-of-state, and international travel.
  • Actively promote and monitor compliance with appropriate State and Federal financial and tax laws and regulations.
  • Establish and communicate policies and procedures necessary to ensure the proper and efficient use of University resources.
  • Provide financial analysis, advice, and reporting as necessary to ensure the University's financial integrity.
  • Actively promote and monitor compliance with the granting agencies, policies and guidelines. Provide reports to the granting agencies as required.

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