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The University of Kansas Medical Center operates under a policy that all procurement of supplies and services utilizing State Funds, must be reviewed, and approved by Purchasing prior to the procurement. They are reviewed for compliance with state-wide or University contracts, adherence to purchasing statutes and spending limits, and the need to seek competition from alternate vendors.

Central office purchasing staff manages the competitive bid process.

The Purchasing Department also administers the Business Procurement Card (BPC) Program, which allows cardholders to make purchases using the card, in accordance with state and university requirements.

KUMC policy is that all contracts (no matter the dollar amount) for goods and services be reviewed and approved by the Purchasing and Legal Department prior to signing. Only individuals with signature authority are allowed to sign contract/agreements.

Jim Dietrich
Associate Vice Chancellor of Supply Chain

Please Note

The KUMC community may access the content listed below in the myKUMC Intranet Purchasing site:

  • Account/Object codes
  • BPC Information
  • BPC Manual
  • Contracts
  • Forms
  • Workday
  • Monthly Communication
  • Requisition Procedures
  • Training
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