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Hannes Devos, Ph.D., PT, FACRM

Hannes Devos portrait
Associate Professor, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, and Athletic Training

Professional Background

Hannes Devos, Ph.D., PT, DRS, FACRM, is an associate professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science with a joint appointment in the Department of Occupational Therapy Education. He is director of course REHS 887 Neurorehabilitation in the rehabilitation science doctoral program.

Devos' primary specialty area of expertise is neurorehabilitation of individuals with progressive neurological conditions. As a driving rehabilitation specialist, he also renders clinical services to clients seeking to continue driving vehicles.

Devos serves on several national and international professional organizations. He is executive board member of the Neurodegenerative Diseases Networking Group of the American College of Rehabilitation Medicine. He also serves as executive member of the Special Interest Group on Driving of the World Federation for Neurorehabilitation, is a member of the Association for Driving Rehabilitation Specialists, and is on the ANB60 Older Driver Committee of the Transportation Research Board.

Academic Background
Devos earned a bachelor’s degree in 2002 and a master’s degree in 2005 in physical therapy and rehabilitation science at the University of Leuven in Belgium. He then started an academic career as a teaching assistant and research assistant in neurorehabilitation.

In 2011, Devos earned his doctoral degree in biomedical science at the University of Leuven. After being awarded a three-year postdoctoral fellowship, Devos relocated to the United States where he trained in neurology and mechanical engineering at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. In 2013, Devos accepted a faculty position at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia.

To continue his academic career, he joined the faculty of the School of Health Professions at KU Medical Center in 2016.



Devos is director of the Laboratory for Advanced Rehabilitation Research in Simulation (LARRS). His career goal is to make meaningful and significant contributions to the rehabilitation outcomes of adults with neurodegenerative disease.

Current research by Devos is centered on unraveling the neurophysiological mechanisms of challenging mobility tasks using virtual reality. His long-term research goal is to shift the paradigm of rehabilitation research to early detection and intervention of mobility deficits before they affect daily-life functioning and quality of life.

His publications show a diverse portfolio with expertise in virtual reality (VR) driving simulation, VR balance and gait, pupillometry, electro-encephalography (EEG), Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and multiple sclerosis.