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Retiree Vacation and Sick Leave Payout

At the time of retirement from the University of Kansas Medical Center, annual leave of up to 30 days or 240 hours will be paid. Sick leave will be paid only at retirement or upon retirement eligible termination.

Vacation Leave

Annual leave of up to 30 days or 240 hours will be paid at the time of your retirement.

Sick Leave

Sick leave will be paid, only at retirement or upon retirement-eligible termination, based upon years of service and accumulation as follows:

Years of Service Hours/ Days Accumulated Hours/Days Paid
8 years 800 hours/100 days  240 hours/30 days
15 years 1000 hours/125 days  360 hours/45 days
25 years 1200 hours/150 days  480 hours/60 days
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