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Adult Photographers (18+) may enter up to three (3) photographs in each category.

Youth Photographers (13-17) may enter up to three (3) photographs total in any of the categories. All Youth division entries will be judged as one group.

Symbols of Kansas

Many symbols represent our great State of Kansas. Show us your favorite symbols of Kansas (i.e.
buffalo, cottonwood trees, honeybees, western meadowlarks, and sunflowers).

Big Sky Kansas

Look up or toward the horizon and capture the beauty you see in the sky (sunrise, sunset, rainbows, clouds, birds, airplanes, hot air balloons, kites, sun, moon, and stars, etc.)

Healthcare in Kansas

What does a healthy Kansas mean to you? Enter your representation of a healthy community, healthcare event, healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, etc.

Murals, Sculptures, and Signs

Reveal the artistic side of Kansas with painted murals, sculptures, art in nature, unique signage,

Wildlife and Critters

This beloved category highlights the fuzzy, furry, creepy, and crawly friends that call Kansas home.

Front cover of the Kansas Country Living magazine

Kansas Country Living Grand Prize

The Kansas Country Living editorial team will choose from all of the entries a $100 grand-prize-winning photograph that will be featured on the January 2024 cover of the magazine. All entered images will be considered for this award.

To the left is the 2023 cover "Beaver Love 2" photographed by David Birmingham.

Contest Submission

2023 Contest runs Sept. 1 - Oct. 9, 2023

Community Engagement

University of Kansas Medical Center
Rural Health Education & Services
1010 N. Kansas
Wichita, KS 67214
Phone: 316-293-2649