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File a Complaint

This link was created to provide an avenue to report Discrimination as quickly as possible  (If you have any questions about anti-discrimination laws, KUMC policies, or KUMC procedures, click on the discrimination tab on the left.  You will find a list of the types of discrimination that EOAC investigates. By clicking a particular protected category, you will find an explanation of the related anti-discrimination laws). 

You may submit a complaint electronically or by mail:

To submit a complaint electronically, use this online Complaint of Discrimination Form.

To submit a complaint by Mail, print out this Complaint of Discrimination Form and mail it to

Equal Opportunity and Academic Compliance
Office of Compliance
Mail Stop 7004
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, Kansas 66160

Or you can contact our office: 

In the event you do not wish to file a complaint electronically or fill out the form, please feel free to call our office at (913) 588-5964 or e-mail the Director at and we can assist you with your concerns.  EOAC does not require a written complaint to assist you if you believe you have been subjected to prohibited discrimination.  In the event EOAC does not have jurisdiction over the concern, EOAC staff will advise you of other available procedures.

Sexual harassment claims:

To file a report alleging sexual harassment or sexual assault, please use this Title IX intake form

Office of Integrity and Compliance

University of Kansas Medical Center
Equal Opportunity & Academic Compliance
Mailstop 7004
3901 Rainbow Blvd
Kansas City, KS 66160
Phone: 913-588-8011
Fax: 913-588-1224