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Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee (HSCROC)

The Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee (HSCROC) is charged with reviewing, approving, requiring modifications of, or disapproving:

  • any human embryonic stem (hES) cell research project,
  • any research project involving human embryos,
  • any fetal tissue research project, and
  • limited categories of non-embryonic human stem cell research (e.g., induced pluripotent stem cells),

when that research is being conducted by University faculty, staff, or students acting in their capacity as faculty, staff, or students respectively, using University facilities and/or University resources

The HSCROC assures activities are in compliance with the applicable state and federal laws and regulations governing such research, including any restrictions on the use of state or federal funds for such research.

For information on protocol submission, policies, procedures and regulations, and reporting concerns please access the Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee intranet site (requires network credentials) or contact

KU & KU Medical Center Institutional Hotline

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Note: For The University of Kansas Health System (TUKHS) issues, contact the TUKHS Compliance Hotline at 913-588-5434.

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