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About the CORR Lab

Learn about the Clinical Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Research (CORR) Laboratory's research on low back pain.

Researchers at the Clinical Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Research (CORR) Laboratory use clinical outcomes, objective measures, and brain imaging assessment tools (such as fMRI, spectroscopy) to explore, understand and improve low back pain and lumbar spine surgery outcomes.

Studies include phenotyping central sensitization in low back pain with composite observable characteristics or traits, understanding central pain processing, examining effectiveness of conservative rehabilitation approaches such as exercise and manual therapy, and exploring novel treatments to minimize opioid use and improve lumbar spine surgeries outcomes.

Our work looks at the use of several non-invasive methods to study the musculoskeletal and central nervous system.

Lab Space and Equipment

The CORR laboratory space includes a large testing area, two participant changing rooms and a foyer. Lab team members have offices adjacent to the laboratory.

The laboratory houses the following equipment:

  • Biodex isokinetic dynamometer
  • Biodex Balance System SD
  • Optotrak motion-capture system (6 cameras)
  • Telemyo wireless EMG system
  • Two forceplates
  • A LifeFitness treadmill
  • Quantitate sensory testing equipment

Lab Team

Neena Sharma, Ph.D., PT, CMPT
Lab director and associate professor of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, KU School of Health Professions

The CORR Lab provides a collaborative learning environment to young scientists seeking to gain valuable experiences in understanding multifactoral aspects of low back pain and rehabilitation. The lab offers the opportunity to work with established researchers at KU Medical Center. Read about research projects by CORR Lab students.

Our Collaborators

Sharma is currently engaged in projects with other top researchers at KU, both at the KU Medical Center campus and on the main campus in Lawrence, Kansas.

KU School of Health Professions

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University of Kansas Medical Center
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