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Continuous Daily Improvement

The Office of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) facilitates the ongoing enhancement of essential components of the M.D. program through development and implementation of the framework, systems and strategies necessary to begin and sustain the CQI cycle. This process allows for monitoring of compliance with accreditation standards and aligns practices with missions to improve the lives and communities in Kansas and beyond through innovation in education, research and health care.

The CQI office partners with teams including the executive dean’s leadership team, the Education Council and its Phase I and Phase II Curricular Oversight Subcommittees, the Academic and Professionalism Committee and multiple other offices that contribute to the successful delivery of curriculum and services to students. Resources provided by the CQI office include tracking and triggering timed reviews, developing data reports for areas monitored, and guiding the construction of the cycle with measurable outcome targets, processes for review, suggestions for interventions, and scheduling follow-ups.

Monitored areas are aligned with LCME elements and are selected from these categories:

  • Elements for which the LCME has previously determined the school’s performance was unsatisfactory or satisfactory with needed monitoring during past visits;
  • Elements that include an explicit requirement for monitoring;
  • Elements that are prone to slippage; and
  • Elements necessary to ensure policies are consistent with practices.

CQI processes conducted administratively as part of central monitoring or through committees such as Education Council are tracked and supported through the CQI office.

Depiction of CQI through committee:
Depiction of CQI through committee

Depiction of administrative CQI through central monitoring:
depiction of CQI through central monitoring

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