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Sedgwick County 4-H members get a simulating experience at KU School of Medicine-Wichita

During a visit to the Simulation Center, local 4-H members donned stethoscopes and practiced CPR and other procedures using the high-tech manikins.

Audrey Liska and McKenzie Snell try their hands at IV insertion.
Sedgwick County 4-H members Audrey Liska and McKenzie Snell try their hands at IV insertion during a visit to the Simulation Center at KU School of Medicine-Wichita.

Several Sedgwick County 4-H members recently visited the Simulation Center at KU School of Medicine-Wichita as part of a reward from the annual Grow 4-H fundraising event, where the donated prizes are locally based experiences.

McKenzie Snell, a Wichita high school sophomore, won the prize, which included the opportunity to invite three others to join her. She brought along her mother, Rebecca Snell, another high school sophomore, Audrey Liska, and Myrrah Awwad, a high school senior. All three teens have expressed an interest in pursuing a career in medicine.

During the visit, the group performed several procedures, utilizing the Simulation Center equipment and manikins.

After the experience, Rebecca said, “We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the variety of procedures we got to try and thought the manikins were amazing. All three girls mentioned how much more difficult CPR is than they imagined. We also all loved learning to use the stethoscope and marveled at hearing our own colon function and heart and lungs.” 

Erin Doyle, BSN, RN, Simulation Center program director, said about the event, “We had a wonderful time with the 4-H members and their leader, Rebecca. The members had great questions, terrific stories to share and were completely engaged in all of the activities. We agreed to make this event an annual prize for the 4-H group and look forward to sharing the Simulation Center with this year’s winners!”

Youth gather around a high-tech manikin in a hospital bedAlong with CPR and stethoscope use, the group also spent time learning how to start IVs and each participant successfully delivered a baby using the birthing simulator manikin.

Here's what the 4-H members had to say about their experience:

"The simulation lab was a great experience that definitely allowed for us to experience different sections of the medical field in an educational way. It has also further encouraged me to want to go into the medical field in the future." - Audrey Liska (high school sophomore)

“The KU Med Center experience taught me more about the medical field with hands-on learning and inspired me to look further into medical careers. My favorite part was learning how to do CPR with the electronic feedback that let you know if you were doing it correctly.” - McKenzie Snell (high school sophomore)

“The simulation was an incredible and enlightening experience that exceeded all of my expectations. The level of detail was amazing. With guidance from the instructors, the realistic patient simulators gave us a taste of the challenges and rewards of working in the medical field. This simulated tour gave a unique and insightful glimpse into the medical world and helped affirm my desire to pursue this profession.” - Myrrah Awwad (high school senior)

Above, left: From left to right, Erin Doyle, Simulation Center program director, assists Sedgwick County 4-H members McKenzie Snell, Audrey Liska, Rebecca Snell (4-H leader) and Myrrah Awwad.



KU School of Medicine-Wichita