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Student Research

A KU School of Nursing Student presents research at MNRS, standing in front of a poster.

Ph.D. Student Research 

The Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph.D.) Program is designed to prepare graduates for faculty positions in schools of nursing, including independent research and scholarly endeavors in nursing; generation and expansion of theoretical, empirical, and philosophical bases for nursing practice; and preparation for leadership in the profession and through the interpretation of nursing to society. Learn more about KU School of Nursing's Ph.D. program.

KU School of Nursing Ph.D. Dissertations


  • Rebecca A. Miller--Examining The Relationship Between Nurse Manager Practice Environment And Burnout (2020)
  • Marian Savage – Defining The Characteristics And Instrument Development Of Nurse Workarounds During Medication Administration (2020)


  • Amenda Fisher--Weighing In: Overweight, Working Women’s Descriptions Of Body Weight And Weight Management (2021)
  • Laurie JonesFaculty Perceptions of Nursing Student Retention in Community College Associate Degree Programs: A Qualitative Descriptive Study. (2021)
  • Elise Craig Hector – A Convergent Mixed Methods Study To Describe Noticing And Interpreting Among Baccalaureate Nursing Students During A Virtual Simulation Case Study (2021)
  • Heather A. Lewis – A Study To Identify Factors Of Rater Cognition From Different Rater Perspectives During Performance-Based Assessments (2021)
  • Heidi L. McNeely-- Understanding Policy Impacts And Non-Medical Substance Use Among Healthcare Professionals From The Perspective Of Treatment Providers (2021)


  • Samantha Cintron-- Leukocyte Transcriptome Analysis of Morbidly Obese Patients With High Output Heart Failure: Exploring The Underlying Pathophysiologic Mechanisms (2022)
  • Mamie Williams – Factors Associated With Patient Handling Injuries Among Nurses In An Acute Care Hospital (2022)
  • Amanda Schmitt – Self-Efficacy, Physical Function, and Healthy Behaviors in a Working Adult Population Living with Obesity and Dyslipidemia, Hypertension, or Diabetes Mellitus (2022)

Midwest Nursing Research Society RIIG Award Recipients

  • Nicole Johnson Acute & Critical Care Across the LifeSpan, Undergraduate Research Award
  • Shayla Holt  Health of Diverse Populations, DNP Project
  • Samantha Cintron Physiology Genomics Behavior Society, Dissertation AwardKU School of Nursing students and faculty pose for a group photo at MNRS.

Ph.D. Student Grant Funding & Competetive Scholarships 

  • Ruth O. McKibben Alumni Research Award, Taunton Scholar Award, Sousa Scholar Award: Samantha Cintron, Differences in Leukocyte Transcriptomes of Morbidly Obese Patients with High Output Heart Failure: A Descriptive Study (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Janet Pierce) 
  • New Birth Company Award: Dawn Viets, Prevalence of Compassion Fatigue and Impact on Professional Quality of Life Among Neonatal Nurse Practitioners in a Large Private Practice (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Cara Busenhart) 
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